What is the style name of this type of website?

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Answer by Aniket Suryavanshi:

The Sold team has joined Dropbox
This is a fluid landing page. A fluid page adjusts dimensions of it's elements (headings, images, column widths, etc.) according to the window size. It also uses some JavaScript for the smooth scroll effect on clicking some links.

Automatic: Your Smart Driving Assistant
It's a simple landing page with some JS for the carousel at top, and for the smooth scroll effect on clicking the "What is Automatic" link. The layout is not fluid and not responsive.

Leap Motion
This is a responsive landing page. A responsive page is fluid, and in addition uses extra browser capabilities like detecting browser width/height, detecting device type, detecting device orientation (landscape/portrait in case of mobile and tablet), number of colours supported by the device, etc. Responsive pages use media queries to conditionally style a page according to all these critera.

Such pages can be built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, etc. make it easy to build responsive web pages and provide a lot of ready for use components like image gallery, accordions, and much more.

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