About green profile pictures in Twitter

My twitter profile after using iran.greenthumbnails.com
My twitter profile after using iran.greenthumbnails.com

Many twitter users might be wondering about the green profile pictures of their followers / following. I hope this article answers the question, and tell you something more about the app that does this.

Screenshot above shows my current twitter profile. It didn’t look like this a few hours ago until I used iran.greenthumbnails.com app for twitter. Many users (8384 while I’m writing this post) have used this app to show their concern for the elections in Iran.

This app for Twitter gives its users green profile pictures. You may want to use this app to show that you’re concerned about Iran. But you may want to avoid this app for its other mischieves.

  • It changes your page’s background image to a green one, as shown by the two vertical arrows in above screenshot.
  • It changes your location to “Tehran, Iran”.

All this without your consent. I guess if they fix these issues, there’ll be more & more users using their app.

So if you want to show your support for Iran, you could use this app and then manually change your background to whatever you want, and your location to the actual one. Or you could just use an image editor and your skills to make your profile picture green.

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